Swamp Puppy pet clothing was borne of necessity with several rambunctious Alaskan Malamutes, all intact and all in the house.  I'm a long time dog breeder, AKC dog show exhibitor, and dog rescuer, and my Alaskan Malamutes are my best inspiration for creating innovative, custom and special order animal clothing.  They are also my models!  Big or small, practical or just for fun. I have always sewn what I needed when I couldn't find it in stores, so began creating pet wear with a purpose. I am constantly adding to the line and am Associate Riggsalways open to suggestions for new items.

It all started with a need for comfortable, secure in-season pants that could hold off an opportunistic male malamute.  The pants became an instant success, in demand for performance dogs of all breeds - dogs that do agility, obedience, conformation and more.  It then progressed to other practical as well as fun and attractive pet clothing for all species. 

Currently I sell an entire line of custom designed fleece and knit animal clothes.  If you don't find it here, I can custom make it for you.  From nursing inhibitors, and incontinent pants to our orignal "chastity pants" you'll find pet clothing that is functional, fun and looks good.