Now Available for Immediate Download. A pattern for incontinent dogs that won't disappoint. Patent Pending Design!

If you have an incontinent dog these are a must have! 


Fully washable and comfortable enough to wear all day.  They also stay on a scooting or down dog.  So comfortable - dogs forget they are even wearing them! 


We originally offered the pants fully made, but discovered there was a need for a less expensive and faster solution.  We are now offering the original patent pending pants design for immediate download. The pattern with complete sewing instructions can be printed on any printer.


When made with a absorbent 100% cotton panel, they absorb urine without leakage. Create your own Poly-Cotton knit or other stretchable fabric pants for male or female dogs with incontinence problems. Also allows for using sanitary pads as liners for a disposable solution.

 side view of dog pantsrear view of dog pants

Adaptable to male or female dogs (or other species)

Comfortable wide elastic waist

Longer leg line so urine and even feces is contained

Dogs Love them!


The only "stay on" absorbent pant on the market - these pants come in 5 sizes for good fit and are comfortable for everyday wear for your pet.  Wear inside for excellent accident absorbency, and easily remove for outdoor play.  Optionally, a vynal backer can be put behind the cotton insert to totally contain urine leakage to protect furniture.

  • Prevent carpet stains

  • Absorbent

  • No closures to come loose

  • No pads to fall out (unless you prefer them)

  • Secure, comfortable enough for all day wear

  • Fully washable

  • Male or Female option for where the absorbent layer is placed.

  • Use winged sanitary maxi-pads for maximum absorbency (not included).

  • Better than belly-bands because they don't slide off easily. 

  • Excellent for paralyzed or scooting dogs to protect sensitive legs and hips.

  • Available for Immediate Download

Each copyrighted pattern comes with full instructions and license to sew pants for personal use. The fully assembled pants sell for more than $60 each, so save money by making them yourself.  Sewing difficulty level is beginner.  Not for redistribution or resale. The pattern is available for immediate download and can be printed on any standard size printer.  Purchase your desired size by the dog's waist measurement - or purchase the pattern set with all sizes if you have multiple dogs.


We  suggest you make several so that you'll always have a clean pair ready to slip on if the worn pair becomes soiled.  If you need assistance contact


Available Sizes:

  • X-Small (teacup breeds waist size 11")

  • Small (small breeds waist size 15")

  • Medium (medium breeds waist size 19") 

  • Large (Large breeds, waist size 23")

  • X-Large (Large Breeds waist size 26") 

  • Multiple Pack - all sizes included X-small to X-Large


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