Contact us!  We can discuss your specific needs by phone or email. 

Decorative items such as designer buttons or buckles are additional.  Velcro closings are included at no extra cost.

Turn-around time will depend upon just what you want us to do.  Typically there is a 6-8 item limit per design as I do all sewing myself and am not set up for large runs at this time.

Important Notice: Dog Coat Orders
Please measure your dog carefully,using the measurement chart for a guide. If in doubt about a measurement. Call or email and we will assist you with taking measurements. The coats are custom-made to the measurements you provide and are not returnable. Please measure with care. We have 100% satisfaction rate in the coats we make.

You're satisfaction is important to us and we want you to love the products you receive. This can only be done with your help.  Please read and follow the measurement guidelines carefully!

Orders are processed as soon as possible.
Please remember you are receiving custom-made pet apparel.

Use a CLOTH TAPE MEASURE. Lay the tape measure loosely along the dog's body to get accurate measurements. When measuring around the neck or chest the tape should be snug but not tight. When measuring from the base of the neck to the base of the tail allow the tape measure to lay along the natural curves of the dog's body.

Neck Circumference: Measure around the neck at base of collar.

Topline Length: Measure from base of collar to base of tail, laying tape measure along back.

Chest Circumference: Measure around largest part of chest.

Neck to Midsection Length: Measure from neck at base of collar to midsection.

Thigh: Measure around the widest point of the thigh - usually closest to the hip.  On very muscular or furry dogs we need to be sure the item fits over this area.

Midsection Circumference: Measure around midsection at "waist," in front of the privates on a male dog. This measurement is needed for any item that covers the chest or closes around it.

For Neckwarmer/hoods: Measure around top of head and under jaw.

Top of Neck Circumference: Measure around highest point of neck, directly behind the head.

Neck Length: Measure from top of neck to base of collar.

Measure other animals as above.  Please let us know the species and we may ask for additional measurements as necessary.